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Checking In 4.10.22

So many wonderful things have been happening with my first two song releases. I wanted to recap, and outline it all here.

Odd Experiments just went over 58k streams on Spotify and the video has over 26k views on YouTube.

Near But Far is at 6k streams on Spotify and was just added to more promising playlists. On YouTube the video is approaching 25k views.

I can’t thank everyone enough who listened, viewed, and supported these initial songs. I’m hoping for even better results with the 3rd single and video that’s to be released 4.22.22 ~ It’s a cover of the 90’s hit song “Criminal” by Fiona Apple. This song will be a stand alone and not featured on the forthcoming Paul Noir album. But it will give a glimpse of the style of music that will be coming on the album.

I chose Criminal to cover for many reasons, but one was that the chord progression fit well into the dark cabaret style I was creating. The movements lent themselves well to the circus-y burlesque vibes that run through the album. I’m really looking forward to the response from this unique interpretation of the popular song.

Since this is a recap, I’ll also share links to the other interviews I did after the last blog post…

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